Monday, December 20, 2004

The neverending story of my life.

I came home for the break only to be confronted with the fact that (a) my job has paid me for this entire month, for which I am expected to perform 80 hours of work, and (b) it is Dec. 20th and I have performed approximately 10 hours of work so far due to exams and stuff. So, right now I have to do a minimum of about 6 or 7 hours of work every day that I'm home in order to justify the paycheck I'm about to cash and spend on presents and probably booze and glitter nailpolish. I worked diligently today and got a spreadsheet set up and started filling it in with the stuff I'm researching. Even though it's pretty crappy I sent it to my boss anyway so he'll know I'm doing *something* besides cashing my check and making excuses about exams for why I haven't done shit yet.

My mom is SO sad that I have to work over break. Usually we go do stuff together all day and run errands and shop and stuff and now I have to sit in the computer room all day and do work and she mopes around the house looking for reasons to interrupt me and talk to me. Today she just HAD to clean the ceiling fan, and bring me cookies, and ask me questions, and tell me something funny Molly the Satanic Dog had done. It's pathetic really. So, in light of all that, I am going to go right now and spend some quality mother/daughter time with her and finish another two or three hours of work tonight after they go to bed (which is easy when they go to bed at 9:30pm every night).

Also, in totally unrelated news, of the four presents I bought for my parents, they each already have one of the things I bought them. I am therefore hovering at about a 50% success rate so far in terms of Christmas presents...why is it so hard to pick something out that isn't dumb and that people haven't already bought for themselves? I have been stressing about what to give M., but I have a couple of ideas...albeit ideas that will not, in any way, shape or form, come to fruition in time for Christmas. Good thing she loves me enough to realize that for me, the actual day of the holiday is more like a suggestion in terms of present giving...sometimes you have to wait for inspiration or for just the right opportunity. It's true.

Finally, and lastly, the weather here is gorgeous! I got out for about an hour today to hike with my mom up in the mountains, and when we went to the bank earlier it was 50, sunny, and blue skies. YAY! Last year we had a blizzard that caused me to not be able to get home for a couple the nice weather is welcome...not that I wouldn't be happy to stay here and not go back to school.
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