Thursday, December 16, 2004

Doing the Happy Dance

I'm Done!!! YAY! Int'l Law was actually kind of...well...good. The questions were interesting but difficult, it had some True/False but he left room for you to explain your answer, so hopefully there are some partial credit opportunities there. It's my favorite class for a reason, I love the subject. Even if, for some strange reason, I do horribly, I'm still happy I took it. Love it.

Now, I'm off for lunch, bank, nap, find clean clothes, get DRUNK as hell, pass out, sleep all day tomorrow. I have goals people, goals and priorities.

I reserve the right to arbitrarily remove any post I make, while drunk, on this blog, in the next 20 or so hours once I become sober enough to realize what a fool I am. If you are a person that I know, uh, in person (god I'm stupid), and you DO NOT wish to be contacted via telephone tonight, I would probably turn that thing off. If you are a person whose email address I have, in the past, found and abused while drunk...well, there's nothing you can do I guess. Just don't hold whatever I say against me later. You may all get lucky if I actually pass out nice and early and am not in control of my faculties long enough to exploit technology.

Congrats to everyone who is finished, and good luck if you're almost done!
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