Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I LOVE my new job, it's so interesting and my new boss seems really cool. And he gave me LOTS of stuff to read and even though other people would probably think it's so boring, I think it's cool, because I'm a nerd like that. Also, soon I will be receiving a paycheck...HAPPINESS!

On another, more crazy, less happy note...what is wrong with me? Exams start a week from Monday and I am SO unmotivated to do ANYTHING to get ready. There has been no outlining, no notetaking, no memorizing (for my closed book exam), no nothing. I feel stressed out about my lack of ambition, but sadly, totally paralyzed by indecision about what to do about it. Awesome. Oh well, I work better under pressure anyway, so I'm sure as I get more manic and crazy in the coming days I will start to be more productive. Or not.

I've been thinking a lot about blogging too, prompted by a conversation I've been having via email with a friend and these questions over at AI. AI wants to know why people maintain a blog. And I've talked about that before a couple times, but to summarize, I maintain this blog for the entertainment of others and as a creative outlet and social/writing exercise for myself. And because I like to be the boss of something, and the blog doesn't bitch at me for being moody and overbearing.

What I'm thinking about now is how this blog will evolve. At first I posted short news stories and little one-liner comments, and talked about school. Now I post longer stories about school and my life, and I feel like I've been more open about my family and my life. But what next? I'm never going to be non-anonymous, I don't see myself ever blogging about my dating life (in the event I ever have one), I am running out of ways to say "I hate a vast majority of the people I go to school with because they are pretentious assholes playing a role that they think 'fits' what a lawyer should be and are unhealthily fixated on showing everyone how smart and great they are," and even Britney Spears has just about hit rock bottom (although I reserve the right to just tear her apart if she gets knocked up with the King of White Trash's kid). I guess I keep talking about school, hope I get more goofy professors next quarter who seem like they wouldn't read blogs, and keep my eyes open for people trying to light barbeque grills with gasoline and dynamite. As long as there are stupid people and pompous law students I suppose I'll always have material. Wow, glad I got that all worked out. I'm also thinking about changing the template. Again. I think about that alot. This is YET ANOTHER REASON I need to get a Cabana Boy, and soon. A Cabana Boy with computer skillz. Mmmmmm...naked pushups. Sorry, I was lost there for a minute.

Who wants a drink? I mean besides me...clearly I want a drink. No one? OK, you had your chance. I'm off for a beer, Law and Order, and bed. Wednesday = Gone.
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