Monday, December 27, 2004

I'm a piece of work...

In Milbarge[sic]*'s E. Spat At Large:

What I am doing at work: Just trying to get my 80 hours for this month done so I won't feel guilty about spending the paycheck. My project is mostly research but there is some writing which I have yet to even start because I'm horribly intimidated by trying to "summarize" HUGE overarching federal regulations into one page or less. I am mostly doing a lot of pretty interesting reading, translating that into a spreadsheet for my employer that looks like Mrs. McGee's third grade class came up with it, and avoiding writing anything altogether. I'm sure right now they wish they'd hired someone else...someone with academic prowess and mad summarizing skillz.

What I am doing at home: Playing a damn lot 0f 2005 Tiger Woods Golf, consuming HUGE amounts of Diet Coke, playing with Molly the Satanic Dog, trying to get some work done, and trying to spend time with the family. I've taken SO many hikes and walks since I've been here, I keep forgetting to tick some miles off my Sin City counter, but I bet we walk about 4-5 miles a day between our morning hikes and our family walks with Molly every night. Not that it's near enough to combat the sheer number of cookies I've eaten. I am also waiting for my parents to leave the house for more than 2 minutes so I can watch the two episodes of Boston Legal I have TiVO'd.

What I'm listening to: "License To Chill" by Jimmy Buffett. I hadn't really given it a good listen before I got here, but it's been on rapid rotation for the past few days since my parents seem to enjoy it and usually the only thing they listen to in the car is Praise and Worship you can imagine my delight at finding something else they'll listen to.

What I'm reading: As usual, dirty dirty romance novels, and I'm about to start the new Jimmy Buffett book, "A Salty Piece of Land" which M. gave me for Christmas. I also just finished (for work) Safeguarding Privacy in the Fight Against Terrorism: Report of the Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee, and a law review article by Orin Kerr on the USA Patriot Act.

What I'm thinking about: I've been thinking a lot about my upcoming 30th birthday. I am alternately worried, stressed out, happy to be out of my stupid 20's, and disappointed that I haven't done many of the things I thought I would do by now...or, as M. pointed out, I've done them...just poorly. I am also thinking about whether or not to have a real birthday party or just try to get my friends together for dinner or something. Aside from aging angst, I am thinking about all the stuff I still have to do before school starts a week from today. And, I had a dream last night that I bought this guy in my class at school sushi and chocolates, and so I've been thinking about what that might mean...I HATE sushi, but I LOVE chocolates and I generally don't must like the guy, so it's strange. Last, and certainly least, I've been thinking about New Year's Resolutions...generally, I have the same one every year. But I'm wondering if it's time to make some new I might have to come up with something between now and this weekend. I am also thinking about the fact that they have TiVO's at Costco for 269.99 (no tax here) with a $100 rebate...does anyone know the monthly service fee?

What I'm NOT thinking about: Those little ribbon magnets on cars, people who can't seem to ever get their flags up properly, the terrible side-effects of aspartame, whether or not I got a decent grade in Free Expression, the fact that I almost definitely need glasses, the hard water at my parents house (they use a well) which makes me kind of itchy, and why all combination fruit juices insist on putting bananas in...yuck.

* Milby, I am so sorry...I just can't help it, it's too funny to resist!
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