Monday, December 06, 2004

On Boston Legal: A Treatise on the Hottness of James Spader. By: ESpat.

OK...Here's the new sked:

8:30-9:20 M-Th: Admiralty and Maritime Law (with Int'l Law Prof, one of my faves)
9:30-10:20 M, W-TH: Evidence (it's 2 quarters)
10:30-11:20 T-F: Federal Courts and Federal Systems
1:30-3:20 T/Th: Law and "Pop Culture"* (Syllabus includes Scott Turow books, and watching movies...hooray!)

*Once again, not the real title...but you get the gist

You'll notice that M/W/F my afternoons are totally free which is going to be awesome for getting "work-work" done (since they ARE paying me and all) and maybe even, gasp, getting to the gym a few times a week...I'm looking forward to a summer of skirts and things that aren't sweatshirts and thinking the gym is in order...not to mention having to put on a bridesmaid's dress for M.'s wedding early in the spring. Also, because M. is such a fabulous friend, and because I'm the only person rad enough to be her bridesmaid, I get to pick out whatever dress I want, any style, any color, any level of sluttiness (they're getting hitched in Vegas [which in my mind explained the sluttiness comment when I wrote it]). YAY! Maybe I'll get something I can wear to Law Prom later in the spring. I heart wearing dresses, getting trashed in Vegas, and watching my best friend marry her boy. *Sigh*
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