Thursday, December 09, 2004

Like guava jelly*

Old Lady Drives Car Through the YMCA....
"She was coming to attend class at the YMCA, pulling into a stall and indicated
there was a problem with the vehicle accelerating,'' Sgt. John W. Olsen said.

The problem of course being that her foot was on the gas pedal.

In other news, does this guy (scroll down a bit, on the right) look like the kind of guy would coat an entire motel room and all of its contents with 14 jars of Vaseline? Yeah...I thought so too. The article doesn't say whether the "contents" of the room included any ladies of the evening (as my mom calls them).

Everybody loves Jello...especially Jello Shots...especially if they're second graders. Part-ay at recess ya'll!

* Today's exam soundtrack: Bob Marley, Sublime Acoustic, Jimmy Buffett Box Set, Maroon 5, The Police: The Singles, Lyle Lovett: Road to Ensenada.
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