Monday, December 13, 2004



Family Law is a thing of my past!

Because our test is to basically write what we think an appellate opinion would be for a lower court case that he provides an excerpt from, we are able to check at least our outcome and standard of review and stuff by looking up the case on Lexis or Westlaw after the exam. Which I have just done.

I got the contention mostly right, the outcome totally right, and the standard of review totally right. I didn't read down into the reasoning because I think it will just make me second guess myself and that will freak me out.

I also explicitly went against all the advice he gave in class about making sure our "traditional legal analysis" was the most well-thought out and coherent part of the exam and not spending as much time on the other sections, because, well, the other sections were where I thought I could really impress him with my ability to spin solid-gold bullshit out of wholecloth.

Anyway, not it's on to Free Expression, the final for which starts tomorrow morning at 8:30. Between now and then I plan to become my apartment's foremost leading expert on the First Amendment, Free Speech, The Establishment Clause and Separation of Church and State. Right now Beefy is probably the expert in the apartment, but that's only because he didn't have a Family Law final this morning that sucked up his entire life (not to mention his will to live) for the past several days.

I'm off to lose myself in the romantic glow of a candlelit lunch of Eggo waffles and the warm starry eyes of Erwin Chemerinsky. Thanks for all the heartfelt wishes of good luck on Family Law...I'm so glad it's over!
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