Thursday, December 02, 2004

Steel Cage Death Match

These two cases are battling it out to be the Case'O'The Day. The first one is from my ConLaw First Amendment Class, and I think has a lot of merit for being pretty damn funny. The second one though, led the Professor to use the word "dildo" no less than 32 times in class today (as in "Ma'am, do you recognize this dildo?", "Ma'am, did the dildo have any distinguishing characteristics?"). The poor girl who was expert tried valiantly to answer without using "The Word" but finally gave in, giving me YET more joy and happiness at 9:30am...dildo...heh heh.

Brown v Pena (441 F.Supp. 1382)

The plaintiff brought suit against the Director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as a result of the dismissal of two employment discrimination charges filed with the Miami District Office. The charges claimed that the plaintiff had been discriminated against because of his religion. An E.E.O.C. affidavit executed [*1384] by the plaintiff and filed with this court as an exhibit reveals that the charges were based upon the plaintiff's "personal religious creed" that "Kozy Kitten People/Cat Food . . . is contributing significantly to [his] state of well being . . . [and therefore] to [his] [**2] overall work performance" by increasing his energy.

State v. Coe (101 Wn.2d 772)

Appellant objects to the examination, by the prosecuting attorney, of a woman who claimed she was approached by Coe on a jogging trail. At trial, this witness testified that as she jogged along a trail in Spokane on March 8, 1981, she was approached by a man fondling what appeared to be a replica of a penis. She stated the man made several rude comments to her of an explicit sexual nature.
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