Sunday, December 05, 2004

Random Thoughts

1. Why does someone I don't know all that well IM and ask "do u have a webcam?", yes...why??? "Oh, just wondering." Riiiiiiiight. Besides, I stepped on it this morning in trying to get out of the house and so I think I broke it...there goes the naked photoblogging idea...right down the drain. Oh well...guess I'll just have to think of something else for the front of my Christmas Cards.

2. Sign seen on front of refrigerator in student commons:

"To whoever stole my Thai food out of the fridge. I expect a memo, written in IRAC form, to be emailed to me by tomorrow explaining why you needed to eat my food more than I did. I was really hungry. My email address is . If you choose not to do this assignment I hope that you at least have the decency to feel really, truly awful about stealing my food even though it was clearly marked with my name and the date. Either way, watch your back."

3. The machine is out of Diet Coke. I think this should be a capital offense during exam period.
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