Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me figuring out how to do something old people do in their sleep.

Oh my god. My mom decided to start me out on crocheting, because she thinks it's easier than knitting. It basically IS knitting, only instead of two needles, there is one needle and a finger. If crocheting was a team sport my jersey would say "Corky" on the back, because I am totally retarded at this.* It's so hard. So far I have a tiny square of effed up stitches that look kind of like what happens to yarn after cats play with it. Also, at one point I crocheted my finger into the yarn ball thing and had about 1/192 of a mitten I guess. I always see my mom doing this stuff and it looks so easy, she just sits and watches TV and like three hours later there is a queen size afghan with beautiful stripes of color and patterns in it...I just sat for an hour and have a very lovely thimble coaster.

But, I am undeterred. If I can get the hang of this, then knitting is on the near horizon. There will be scarves for everyone. And world peace. And Diet Coke. And Cabana Boys. YAY!

*I mean that in the most non-offensive to mentally challenged people way possible.
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