Sunday, December 26, 2004

The day after....

The Christmas Highlight Reel:

- My dad riding his bike in circles in the front yard with Molly chasing him because he didn't have time to take her for a long walk.

- Me opening the two sided knife sharpener my parents gave me, the picture on the box of which depicts on the one hand a man sharpening a knife, and on the other hand a man sharpening an AX, and going "Well, thank God! I've SO been meaning to sharpen my ax!"...and my dad responding "Severing heads will take the sharp edge off QUICK!"...and my mom laughing. Ahhhh...nothing like a happy Christmas morning story about severed heads.

- M. calling me and telling me that she had an epiphany...she actually has...wait for it...annoying habits. She apparently is such a total princess that she had no idea until yesterday that she was anything less than perfect in any way...not that I think she's less than perfect. That would disturb our carefully balanced dual reciprocating co-dependent system of total permission and support no matter how bad, badly planned, or badly executed the behavior if one of us was...well, less than. It can't be true!

- FINALLY getting money from the relatives who usually just take the $20 and buy something dumb from the Avon catalog...I would MUCH rather have the $20...really!

- Last but not least, my dad and I got the new 2005 Tiger Woods Golf for the X-box. Not only did we watch the Long Drive Challenge AND the Special Skills Challenge, but we played an insane amount of X-box golf...INSANE! We had to build our characters again which took like four one in the family is willing to have a character who is less than ideal...and then we played two rounds of 18 holes as a family last night, and today all three of us have already played individual games. We're sick for the Tiger Woods Golf around here.

- Overall, I got nice presents, the whole family was in a good mood and got along, and my mom made some fantabulous food and we all stuffed ourselves was great.
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