Friday, December 24, 2004

Presents and stuff....

We went and saw Flight of the Phoenix tonight, personally, I loved it. Not sure it's everyone's cup of tea, but it had high drama, hot boys without their shirts on, and no stupid lovey-dovey storyline screwing it up. Hoorah.

Then we came home and indulged ourselves in the Spatula family tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. Traditionally I think this was an exercise invented by my parents to keep me from bugging the shit out of them all night, and now, it's just kind of sad. It's really just the three of us as far as presents go, so we open one present each, and then we each have like three left over for tomorrow -- and half of them are gift certificates. Yet another reason getting old sucks.

However, with all that being said, we are watching a traditional Christmas movie as well tonight, Coyote's on TV...perhaps in an effort to counteract the fact that 90 of the 200 or so stations my parents get via satellite are playing A Christmas Story with that little creep Peter Billingsley -- I HATE that movie!

I have to go now, I have crocheting to practice if I'm going to make everyone a nice scarf by next Christmas. I may or may not be back tomorrow, but I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend with their family, regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, and that you've all started to think about what to get me for my birthday -- only 18 shopping days left.
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