Sunday, December 19, 2004

Damnit...why do I always get the lump of coal.

I still don't have a car, and yet my parents have decided to pick up one of these as their THIRD car. Bah Humbug! Just kidding, they deserve it...and they're going to get rid of one of their other vehicles once they argue out who is going to lose their current ride. Although, they are also talking about getting one of these... but my mom REALLY wants the Mustang, so who knows. Technically she wants my dad to buy her a "muscle car" so she can "be cool and race people" and he told her if she wants one it has to be the Mustang since it has the new safety features and stuff. And yes, at one time in her life she actually used to drag race one of these. In the South. My mom effing rocks!

Also, I put links to all four Bad Date Stories so far here. I note there that I am happy to continue with Bad Date Stories, but am considering starting in on ex-husband stories...who wants to hear about the time Ex#1 told me to quit talking so fast because he knew I was doing it on purpose to confuse him?! God I have good taste in men.
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