Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Penguins and Patriotism

In the spirit of Larry putting up some webcam links (get your filthy minds out of the gutter...they show Independence Square in Kiev)...I decided to post my newest addictions (stolen from mellow-drama).

Penguin Cam

Shark Cam

The penguins are SOOOOO damn cute when they hop around and just look all cute and shit. The sharks mostly swim in circles, but it's mildly hypnotic and kind of relaxing.

Also, mellow-drama reminds me that today is Pearl Harbor Day.

Grandpa Spatula is a retired Navy Chief and was aboard the USS Maryland when it was bombed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It shouldn't take a special "day" to remember to thank the people who have sacrificed in service of this country, but sometimes life gets crazy and we forget to think about them or tell them how much we appreciate what they are doing, or have done. Don't forget.
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