Friday, December 03, 2004 early.

I took the extra-early bus this morning since I have to leave in about two minutes from the school to be across campus for an 8am meeting, and then I have job stuff to do, a class, and I'm attending a CLE from 1-5:30pm for extra credit in I'm not sure about posting. I will try to at least get up a couple news stories or something between all of my various obligations, but it could be tonight. 9 days until exams. Last Evidence paper due on Monday (last one for THIS quarter), three days of class next week and then a two day reading period (plus the weekend) before exams start (and I would like to point out they made us start two days earlier than the rest of the campus so we could have a reading period...bastards). The homemade applesauce is GOOD! /random thoughts
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