Friday, December 03, 2004

My life is a cesspool of boring suckitude. Film at eleven.

Saddest story ever? I'm home alone on a Friday night and so bored that I started checking the searches that led here, which led me to sit around for an hour reading my own archives and trying to decide if I think I'm funny or not (mixed reviews)...and I found a link I had up a long time ago to a blog I thought was really funny but hadn't looked at for awhile, planetdan. And there I found a link to this awesome t-shirt, which right this moment is making me laugh...and if blogging isn't all about my near light-speed shifts in mood, what is it about?

(Perhaps You Recognize Me From My World-Famous Blog)

Also, just to make this story a little MORE pathetic, not only am I home alone on a Friday night, I can't even get drunk because I have to be at school at the crack of dawn to start outlining and finish my Evidence paper that's due on I'm watching a repeat of Dr. Phil. Jesus. The best part so far is a little kid who they filmed screaming at his mother from the back seat, "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!" Oh hell no. Time to turn the cameras off and let the child-beating commence.
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