Tuesday, December 07, 2004


If you visited this morning you may have noticed the template temporarily changed. That is because I am a dumbass. I was trying to change it last night, because I have nothing else I could be doing at 10:30pm, and I exited Internet Explorer *I THOUGHT* without saving. I even checked and the old template was still there, but I guess I didn't refresh the screen enough. And then this morning I see the template is different, but all the changes I had made last night weren't on it, so I guess it PARTIALLY saved...half-assed is apparently the theme of my life. Even when I screw up it's half-assed. Anyway, for right now we're back to the old template, which I hate, but which I don't have time to change, unless I do. We'll see. Sorry for the confusion...I'm a dingbat lately.
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