Friday, December 10, 2004

I'll quit bitching...after just this one last time.

Six colors of post-it tabs...check!
Two different styles of tabs for differing tab needs...check!
1 Liter of Diet Coke and half a bag of M&M's already down the hatch...check!
Int'l Law Review Session in 2.5 hours...SHIT!

What in THE HELL was I thinking taking a closed book/closed note exam class (see below) AND a closed note/open "but don't write a bunch of notes in it" book exam in the SAME quarter? STOOPIDD!

Also, just in case I haven't made it clear, if you are a person that reads this blog because you want to go to law school (although, why you're not reading a better blog than this one doesn't bode well for you) DO NOT, under ANY circumstance, choose a quarter system school. Three sets of exams a year. It's sick.

I just put together all of the parts of my study group's Int'l Law outline and it is 110 pages long...yeah, I think that I'm going to need to do a little editing...especially as my class notes alone are about 90 pages AND he handed out at least two or three handouts a day to read. more exam bitching today, it's boring and tedious of me to keep talking about, I know.

I did clean poor Beefy McManstick Badass Spatula's aquarium last was so sad how awful it was looking and how he would lay on his plastic plant and just gasp for air. He seemed a lot happier this morning and got all happy when I fed him. At least my fish loves me.
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