Friday, December 31, 2004

Don't feed the bears.

You know what makes Mama Spatula's eyes bug out real far and the veins in her temples get all huffy puffy? If you touch up your dark red hair dye over her fabulously expensive carpet and then wash it out in her marble shower. You should try it. Kinda funny.

Not to worry, I didn't spill any and I squeegeed (how the eff is that spelled?) the shower. All is well.

I got some new super fabulous hot pink yarn today so if I finish another scarf before I have to go back to the TVPNM on Sunday I'll post a pic. Which makes me also remember that I'm considering getting a digital camera. Nothing fancy...just something that's small enough to fit in an air vent my purse with moderate memory and no super fancy stuff. A starter camera. Suggestions from my technologically able readers?
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