Saturday, December 18, 2004

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight.

Presents YAY!!

I am off to the airport for my crazy late night flight home. I think posting will be relatively normal over the break since I have A LOT of work to do and thus will be on the computer constantly. Or it won't. Either way, I'm sure my three loyal readers will still love me and the rest of you will just have to get your daily dose of idiocy in the archives or something.

My mom is a Christmas fiend...she's nuts. There is one tree that stays up and decorated all year. Yeah, I said ALL YEAR! Plus there will be a real one where the presents and stuff will be. And there will be cookies, and homemade goodies of all sorts, and macaroni and cheese, and walks on the golf course with Molly the Satanic Dog, and family hikes, and family bike rides, and rides to look at Christmas lights, and my mom's nutty collection of Christmas music (she loves those damn Muppets). I'm so excited. This is my favorite time of year. Finding the perfect present for everyone is my favorite challenge, and being able to finally spend holidays with my family after so many years away is just wonderful and fun and fabulous.

And, for an extra-special bonus, when I get back it will be the week before my birthday and I can be wracked with angst and you guys can leave me nice comments to help me get through it. It's gonna be fun for everyone!

PS: GOD, I hate those Pepto Bismol commercials with the people doing the All-Manners-Of-Intestinal-Discomfort Dance. ICKY! Now there's ones with elves doing it. GROSS!!!!
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