Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hell Hound

My mom and dad got a new dog a few months ago after our longtime family dog died in mom is essentially the nicest, kindest human being ever and just couldn't stand not having a dog around the house. The new dog is named Molly. My mom called me yesterday SPECIFICALLY to tell me this story about Molly's latest "adventure".

Mom: "I saw Molly chewing something out in the yard today. So, I screamed 'MOLLY you drop that ICKY thing right now!!'"
Me: "Ewww, what was it"
Mom: "It's so gross"
Me: "What, what???"
Mom: "It was a hummingbird, she was eating a hummingbird"
Me: "OH MY GOD, are you kidding???"
Mom: "I know, it's did she catch a hummingbird anyway? I thought she was just eating cat poop from the next door neighbor's house again"
Me: "Oh yeah, cat poop is way better than a hummingbird"

So, of course I called my best friend who offered the following observation..."WHAT kind of SATANIC effing dog did your parents get??"