Sunday, December 12, 2004


In approximately 4 hours I will go to sleep. In approximately 7.5 hours I will wake up and go to school. In approximately 10 hours my first, and by far hardest, exam starts. In approximately 13 hours I will be rid of this class that has been the bane of my existence.

I don't even care anymore if I fail.

I made over 120 flashcards.
I HANDWROTE everything off the flashcards into a new notebook, in the hope it would help me memorize it.
I looked at old "exams" until my eyes bled.
I plan to go over the flashcards and possibly write out the 70+ holdings one more time before I get some "sleep."
Sometime around 9pm I gave up on (a) learning any of the statutes, I think he'll give them to us as part of the exam question, (b) memorizing case names, dates or jurisdictions, despite the fact that he said we have to in order to get full credit, (c) getting full credit.

I just want a C (I know I said I don't care if I fail...but I kinda do, if only because I've put so much work into it). And to never think about Family Law again. And a Cabana Boy that will rub my neck and tell me I'm nice and pretty and get me a Pina Colada and do my laundry.

Why can't I just have the Cabana Boy? If Santa Claus reads this blog I DEMAND a Cabana Boy for Christmas. I've been good (mostly) and I think I really deserve this.

I hope everyone is having good luck with exams. If there is a God, here are the things I would like in the next 12 hours.

Computer not to fail.
Cabana Boy magically to appear.
Pass Family Law final.
Get at least 3 hours of sleep.
Not to have an anxiety attack during test.
Drugstore to have 1 Liter Diet Coke in stock at 6am when I get to school.
Get a good corner carrel in library where I can take my exam and not be bothered by stupid undergrads.
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