Monday, December 06, 2004


Thanks to my good friend over at Rock-Opera for congratulating me on my recent climb to the #1 spot on German (Austrian? I can't tell the difference) Google for "Beefy McManstick." I AM the champion.

I just went and spent $40 on an external floppy drive so that I can take my exams with my computer...well, I guess technically so I can take the two of my three exams where the prof's require ExamSoft because of some distrust on their part of either us, the school, the system, or all three.

I have some post ideas percolating around in my head, right where legal information is supposed to be, so maybe I'll post later.

Also, thanks for the laugh goes to my friend who said while visiting our office today "God, it's so hot in here my meat thermometer is about to pop out." Funny on SOOOO many levels and I'm still giggling.

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