Friday, December 10, 2004

It's deja vu all over again.

Yesterday I spent 15 hours at school, did nothing but Family Law, made 96 flashcards with case holdings and major concepts, and still can't believe how far behind I am. The exam is totally closed book, and we're expected not only to memorize case names, years, jurisdictions, holdings, etc., but also a specific format that our "must be publishable quality" exam has to be in. Scary.

However, as this is not my only exam, I think today I will try to get all my study materials finalized and organized so that the next two days I can actually spend studying...we'll see how that goes, I'm not counting on anything. But, if there's anything I love to do it's spend 15 hours sitting on my ass at school trying to shove concepts into my head in the next 3 days that haven't gotten in during the past 10 weeks.

Expect lots of avoidance posting today.
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