Saturday, December 04, 2004


I had dreams last night that my house was infested with spiders and I couldn't find my vacuum so even though I was killing them I was totally creeped out by all their dead bodies lying around my house...and some of them were really big and horrible, like tarantulas or something. This kept me from sleeping very well. Hmmmmm...nightmares, lack of sleep, looking like shit in the morning, feeling like shit all day, stressed out before 8am, too much work to do, and headed to the library early on a Saturday morning wearing sweats...must be time for exams.

I have to do some work-work today too, since I promised my new boss that although I wouldn't do MUCH the next couple weeks, I would come up with a couple of things so he can look at them and we can decide on a final format for the work I'm doing before I go home for break and start basically doing my 80 hours for this month over the holidays.

Also have an Evidence motion in limine on FRE 401-405 to finish (by which I mean read for, start, and finish) today too. I plan on making 404(b) "Other Acts" my complete and total bitch.
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