Thursday, December 09, 2004

v. v. early. alcohol, 3 units.

Last night I got quite a bit of my Family Law pre-review done (read: shit, I should have done all this while I was still in class) 1/2 of the notes sections (he tests from those and expects us to know ALL the mentioned cases)...and typed out all the case names/holdings (as a start) in the hopes that I can get this flashcard idea to work out. I also cleaned my kitchen, did my laundry, made the world's hugest dish of homemade Mac & Cheese (to last hopefully for dinner for several days), and bought some studying supplies (snacks, snacks, snacks...2 2Liters of Diet Coke -- which should last maybe one day).

Today I got up at 6am to start the first real day of studying, in which hopefully I get organized, do a sort of "academic triage" and try to figure out where I'm most behind, and then spend the entire day locked in my office (away from the 1L-ridden library) being very very productive. If I get enough done today then tomorrow I'm sleeping in a little bit...exhaustion is so unbecoming, don't you think?

It's too early to have anything funny to say. I will say this though, on the Today Show they just got done interviewing people who were at this concert. Here's the thing...if you are looking to people to interview who were at a concert where someone nicknamed "Dimebag" just got're probably going to have a hard time finding someone coherent. Every person they talked to sort of had the same thing to say..."Uh, dude, it was, like, totally crazy...I mean, it was, like, insane...there were, like, bullets and stuff, and like, people were, like, falling down and shit." Yes, people have been known to fall down when they get shot in the face. *Sigh*
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