Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Just Because: I don't feel like doing it anymore.

Today is my first day at my new job. Thank god I'm starting less than two weeks before finals start...the heart palpitations were lonely without the panic attacks that will be starting soon. I put on "nice" clothes in the bathroom before class so they won't think I'm a total slob in my jeans and "I Heart Minions" sweatshirt (just kidding, but if anyone gets me a sweatshirt that says that I will love you forever...and by "forever" I mean "long time"). And then, disaster. My ponytail holder broke. I cut my hair super short last year and it's just gotten long enough to put up, so I do it all the time because I'm too busy and poor to get a decent haircut, so now I am wearing a relatively socially acceptable outfit but my hair looks like I either grabbed that static ball thing at the state fair or rode to school with my head out the window. Fun.

Also, I have to buy an external floppy drive because two of my prof's are apparently not fans of the honor system and are making us use ExamSoft which needs a floppy disk, not a CD burner.

In yet another tidbit of totally random news, I finalized my schedule today. Next quarter is:

U.S. Ocean and Coastal Law
Federal Courts and Systems
International Human Rights

That's two hours less than this quarter which I'm hoping will equate to a little more time for the whole "job" thing (they want/expect 20 hrs per week). If any would-be law students are reading this, take note: The Quarter System BLOWS. Three sets of exams per year. Classes are only ten weeks long which means you've barely started before outlining begins. And, perhaps most heinous, classes are either 4 or 5 hours, which equals 4 or 5 days a week. I am in class EVERY DAY, ALL DAY (except Friday, but I still have classes then too)...I get out at 3pm and still have to do my work for the organizations I'm in, real work (now), reading for classes the next day, papers, etc. Quarters = DEVIL.

And finally, the Just Because Franchise is going out of business. Or rather, it's going to become a truly random occurence based upon how I feel, who I'm lusting after (if it's other than The Rock or James Spader, which is doubtful), and whether I get a request. I get approximately 1/3 of my normal visitors on Wednesdays which makes me feel paranoid that the half-naked men are driving people away. Whether or not the kind of people that are driven away by that are people whose readership I care about remains to be seen...who doesn't like beefcake? Crazy people, that's who. Anyway, there will still be boys, I just don't know when...and in reality, the JB Boy search has gotten tedious since all the ones I REALLY think are hot I can count on one hand and I would be content to just run those pic's over and over. Bottom line, requests are still being taken, but no more Wednesday morning manflesh. Sorry.
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