Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm a packrat.

I "finished" my 1/5 (2 weeks) of international law outline to present to my study group tomorrow. The problem is that my "finished" outline is 35 pages long. For two weeks. This is partially because the professor assigned 40 pages of reading a night and then didn't really go over it in class but went over other stuff, and partially because I seem unable to let anything go. This is a pervasive theme in my life. I have jeans I will never fit into again, letters people slipped in my locker in 11th grade, pictures of my ex-husband's friends and family that somehow got mixed in with my stuff but that I for some reason feel guilty about throwing away because it just seems...wrong somehow. My god. One of the other people in my group managed to get her two weeks into 3 pages. How do people do that?

Oh well, onward and upward. Gonna try to finish the one thing my boss asked me to do before he gets back into town so that I don't feel guilty cashing the paycheck.

Exams start in 5 days.
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