Monday, April 04, 2005

Who's the President? What year is it?

Mom: "Hey, your dad just got home from his Monday Night Ride, let me have him say goodbye to you."
Dad: "Hi, how tired are you? What day is it?"
Me: "Tuesday, duh."
Dad: "Let me help you out, I just got back from my Monday night ride."
Me: "Oh yeah."

I borrowed my friend's car to do a couple errands and pick up dinner, and after parking the car in the structure, running in to the store, and coming back out, I couldn't find the car. I was so tired I had totally forgotten where I put it. I wandered up and down the rows until I found it, but it was totally ridiculous.

I got one hour of sleep this afternoon, but in true "I'm a crazy law student" fashion, I couldn't sleep because I was worried about how much work I still have to do for Admin tomorrow. Thank goodness the Ninth Circuit will be here this week, so we should have Wednesday off of classes to attend that.

Need. Sleep. Now.
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