Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Firefighters. Without Shirts. WOOHOO!

So, I'm walking with my friend today after school (Guacamole Kid...he comments here sometimes), and we pass some other people from school playing frisbee on the lawn out front. One of them, who I love to tease mercilessly, misses catching the frisbee and I (because I'm senstive to other people's feelings) yell out "Nice Catch!"

So, frisbee guy picks it up and throws it at me and I scoot out of the way but it still hits me in the ass.

At which point the following exchange happens.

GK: "Heh, that was a good shot."
Me: "What? Why?"
GK: "He hit you on the ass from way over there!"
Me: "Please. I'd be more impressed if he could actually hit something small. Like a kid."

The other funny thing I overheard today was in my office when a couple of the guys were noticing my brand new hunky firefighter pic I got from THL and put on my computer desktop.

Image hosted by

2L: "Yeah, I totally look like that with my shirt off."
1L: "You look like a dalmation with your shirt off?"

Anyway, I have to go start my fifteen kajillion hours of Admin reading for tonight. Enjoy the hunky firefighters if you're into that kind of thing. If not...sorry, maybe you should go see Soup.
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