Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday Spies © (The Better Late Than Never Edition)

God, I'm so tired today, I forgot to give credit where credit is due. As always, the these questions are the brainchild of BTQ. Also, the much anticipated E. Spat/Soup audioblog has been postponed due to "technical difficulties." And, by "technical difficulties" I mean "too busy to get our shit together."

1. What names did you consider for your blog?

Are you kidding? It took me six months to come up with the name I DO have. I think I paged through a Black's at one point and tried to find something clever and Latin that hadn't already been taken, but I was totally at a loss until Prof. Property hooked me up by being funny in class.

2. What is your favorite adult beverage and why?

Oh man, I LOOOOOOOVE the beer. Especially German beer...Aventinus, Spaten Optimator, and Spaten Oktoberfest are my current three faves. And, the BEST beer ever is obviously Chimay.

I have been called "the jolliest drunk ever", which is generally true, but I think when I'm feeling especially high-spirited (no pun intended), I usually drink vodka sours, with a cherry and sometimes a touch of grenadine. I also like Washington Red Apples, which have Crown, Apple Pucker, and I think a touch of Cranberry juice (or something)...they're freaking fabulous. When M. and I are going for all out stupidity, it's all about the Jack. Finally, I once spent over $250 at a Tequila bar in Vegas, so there you go.

3. If you could cancel 3 televisions shows, what would they be?

The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
The Real World

I HATE "reality" TV. I wish I could cancel the whole genre.

4. You've been asked to host SNL. Which cast would you choose to work with, and who would you choose as the musical guest?

Everyone else got an ensemble cast, so I'll take one too. Gotta have Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Phil Hartman, Steve Martin, Darrell Hammond, Will Ferrell, and Molly Shannon. At the very least. There are probably 10 more that are absolutely essential, like Belushi, Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd. But, you know, gotta stop somewhere.

Musical guest? Need you ask? Jimmy Buffett of course! If he didn't want to do it I would probably have The Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Flogging Molly since they're awesome live. Also, I have been wanting to see Me First and the Gimme Gimme's live forever, so maybe they could come too.

5. What will Britney Spears name her baby and which three names will she consider and reject before settling on the "winner"?

Considered and Rejected:

Princess Red Bull Spears Federline III
Fancy Harmony Savannah Justice Chastity Spears Federline Jr.
Timber Lake Spears

Lowrise Gene Spears Federline, Esq. (it's pronounced La-reese-ah, ya'll)
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