Friday, April 01, 2005

What do I win?

I got my 50,000 visitor today...boy, I never thought that would happen. Sure, THL did it in about 1/10 the time, but why should I let that get me down, after all, she's funny and smart and had the foresight to put in "Hot" in her reason to hate. If I had called this site Hot Law Student Who Will Work For Favorable Dicta, I would have probably gotten 50,000 hits in like two weeks too.

Anyhow, not sure who the lucky visitor was, but I've narrowed it down to someone from Massachusets and Fitz, and since I know Fitz, I'm giving him the prize. The "prize" is, of course, well...nothing. But if he ever gets to the TVPNM I'll buy him a beer or something.

And only 15 days until this blog turns ONE YEAR OLD...who'da thunk it?
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