Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Taxman Cometh

So, is it bad that I haven't filed my taxes yet?

At first I couldn't figure out if I needed to...I earned no income, but did receive scholarships and an educational stipend.

So, I finally figured out that I do need to file, even though I owe nothing and will get nothing back. I don't get EIC or any of that stuff because my income was $0 for the year, and likewise I don't get a Lifetime Learning Credit have to pay something in to get something least, that's what H&R Block says.

HOWEVER, the place I worked, who gave me the stipend, somehow "missed" me when doing W-2's, and has yet to get me one. Which means that literally THE only piece of information I need, I don't have. I called them last month and they were supposedly getting it done ASAP, and yet, no W-2 as yet.

So, now it's April 9th, I filled out my FAFSA with a bunch of guesses back in February and said I would be filing taxes later...which I want to do, only I can't. I'm going to call the work place on Monday and see if they can't at least READ me the info on the phone or something so I can file *something*...but procrastination and their mistake have basically conspired to cause me to be totally not on the ball with this.
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