Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oh yes it's ladies night...

Tonight we (the Military Law Association) took law students on the annual field trip to the shooting range. SO FUN! We always go on Tuesday because it's Ladies Night at the range and so as long as we get a female on each lane it's super cheap. Anyway, it's always a good time to see a bunch of people who've never picked up a weapon get all excited to shoot up some paper targets.

I shot pretty well, I'm gonna sweet-talk LQ into letting me use her digital camera in the next day or so and I'll post a pic of my target so all you gun nuts can swoon over my awesomeness.

Ummmm...not much else to report from the gun range. Except there was a guy there shooting one of these...holy crap it was loud! Oh yeah, and I feel a lot less stressed out after shooting some stuff up. I heart guns. Really.
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