Friday, April 08, 2005


Second night in a row of excessive drinking. First night in a row of not hating law school. Isn't it funny how even people you think you might hate (for whatever reason, or no reason at all) are OK on an individual basis at a bar when you're super dooper drunk??? It's times like this when I realize I am putting my own beliefs about how people MIGHT perceive me onto them....they don't care one way or the other but I just *think* they might and so I feel all uptight and persecuted.

I just wish I had more of an opportunity to know people like this...the only time I catch up with them is by accident, no one calls or anything...but I wish they did because they seem so great when I get to actually know them.

Then again, I'm drunk and it took me four times to write this.

I'm so happy to get to go out and drink and meet awesome people and shoot the shit, and so sad that tomorrow morning I have to start studying for my Professional Responsibility midterm on Tuesday.

Also, I'm sad it seriously took me like an hour to write ths. SAD!
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