Saturday, April 09, 2005

Recipe for Reaching Complete and Utter Rock-Bottom Depression*

2 parts nagging hangover.
1 part lingering alcohol induced depressive effects
2 parts totally inflated and completely groundless sense of overwhelming social rejection (see lingering alcohol induced depressive effects)
1 part Ben
1 part Jerry
4 parts Bridget "I found my happy ending" Jones and her stupid romantic relationship with her stupid perfect man and her stupid "he loves my fat arse and my granny panties"

Mix all ingredients, put into a pair of old sweats and place on the couch until it starts to "cry" and "think about total lack of boyfriend for nearly two years."

*Yes, I realize I'm being melodramatic. I can't help it...I'm tired and have been watching sappy movies where everyone meets the love of their life and finds total personal fulfillment.
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