Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hey, what's going on?

My Admin prof decided to send us "synthesis questions" to do today in lieu of class...really they're questions from old finals, we're supposed to sketch out answers and then tomorrow we'll talk about them to help us "process" what we've been reading. Seeing as how I've complained on here before that the crazy 3-4 classes a day and no reading period makes it difficult to synthesize the material, I guess I can't complain about the questions. AND I don't have to go to class, although, for some reason my body won't cooperate and let me sleep in either. Damnit.

In PR we're watching a video because she's out of town.

I almost feel confused by this situation. No Socratic badgering? No getting up at the crack of dawn and spending an additional 3 hours reading and outlining the material for just that ONE day in Admin? Extra time to come home this afternoon and clean up the house and pay bills and go for a walk?

I'm not sure I understand! I'm going to try to work with it though.

ALSO: I just heard on the news that they're raising our tuition 7% next year - to fund financial aid. I wonder if it makes sense that we wouldn't need so much financial aid if our tuition didn't get raised an exorbitant amount every year. I'm sure there's some complicated mathematical/economics related reason why that's not so, but God.
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