Friday, April 08, 2005

Big News in Spatula Land

OK, I finally gave in and decided to live this summer in the same place I lived last summer. It is way dorky but within walking distance to work, has tons of nice cold air conditioning, and is centrally located just a couple blocks from Union Station, the Capitol, and all the other cool D.C. stuff like museums and whatnot. (ahem, bars).

My parents are going to pay upfront too, and then I'm going to pay them "rent" that's good since my government "salary" is really more like a government "joke" and I still have to pay rent for my place here. Really, I just went ahead and accepted the place because I don't have the time or energy to worry about it anymore. Plus, the people I was contacting off of Craigslist and were, for the most part, either crazy or totally embellishing how great their place was. "Close to the Metro" is not the same as "Ride a bus 30 minutes to the Metro, transferring twice, and then take the Metro 35 minutes to work." Also, asking someone to send you their picture before you will tell them about the place = WAY CREEPY!

So, thanks to all the people who very helpfully emailed me about apartments and friends they had that might be able to help me out and all that...I totally appreciate it and if you're ever in the TVPNM I will gladly reciprocate!

Let's see...what else. I wrote a big post last night while drunk about someone at school who I don't even know who did something that hurt my feelings and now I'm glad Blogger ate it, because it was probably not really very appropriate or necessary. Let's just say that if you are in your second year of law school and already consider yourself to be so distinguished a human being that you are above HUMOR, well, I feel sorry for you. Also, you're a jackass.

I had SOOOOOO much fun with M. yesterday. She came to all my classes, and then we had quite a few pitchers of Fat Tire at the local across-the-way Irish pub...I am so sad to see her go. It was so awesome to have my best friend here and to feel totally socially connected again...she knows me and STILL loves me no matter what, and thinks I'm awesome and funny and fabulous. If I ever find a male M., I am going to marry his ass before he can run away.

Also, we went shopping and I got Bay Rum Soap and Bay Rum Cologne because I LOVE the smell of Bay Rum and I guess if I can't have a Cabana Boy I'll just have to make do. I put a tiny bit of the cologne on this morning, and every once in a while I smell it, just for a second, and I'm in the middle of a Jimmy Buffett song laying in a hammock with the Cabana Boy of my dreams just using one foot to sway back and forth and sipping on a great big boat drink. I heart Cabana Boys.
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