Monday, April 18, 2005


We got stomped. More on that later.

Happily I just got home at 11pm to find an email from someone in one of my classes asking me if I had the assignment due at 11am tomorrow because she didn't get the email. Guess what, I didn't get the email that's awesome. Apparently the professor hid the assignment on the back page of a handout from last week, then emailed us to tell us about it, then half the class didn't get the damn email.


This is not the best day of my life. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

PS: On a scale of 10, I am a "4" for persuasiveness. Also, I don't at all intend this post to indicate that I am bummed about my performance...for it being the first time I've ever done this, and going against two people are on Moot Court Honor Board and came in like third or something last year, I think my partner and I did really well. I would change some things, but it was fine. Tomorrow night we argue off-brief and are lucky enough to go against the people who came in second last year. /sarcasm Trial by fire is my middle name. Luckily, tomorrow night we should be done and then I get my life back and Wednesday I have plans that include heavy beer drinking. I didn't want everyone to read my post and think me despondent...I'm more pissed at how much homework I have due tomorrow morning that is keeping me up at midnight. Also, I had a fab drink after the argument that very nearly made the whole thing worthwhile.
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