Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Oh the surreality of it all..

Tonight my roommate from last year's parents took us and her boyfriend out to dinner and then to a bar. They are SO cool. We took them to our regular German beer bar where we "did the boot." The boot is a 2-liter glass shaped like a boot, it cannot touch the table, it's filled with beer and passed to the left, and the person who manages to drink the last is kind of the winner since the person who gets passed the empty boot has to buy the next round (a boot filled with beer is about $15-20). Her parents were so funny and into it, it was awesome! Also, they took us to dinner at this awesome place we and good food, man, what a great night.

I heart beer. I especially heart beer and good conversation with people who I like. My roommate's mom was so rad...we talked about boys for about an hour and it was so funny to talk to a maternal figure who's not my mom (and so I can therefore tell the truth).

Today was a very, very, very good day. A nap, a beer (or a couple...or maybe like about five), I blew off my homework, and I'm going right to bed with a good book. What a life.
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