Saturday, April 30, 2005

Roll Tide

I sent my dad a picture of my target from the other parents both shoot and I knew he'd get a kick out of it. Plus, 20 bullets into a target and only 3 strays ain't half bad. Here's what he wrote me back:

"that's probably kind of intimidating in [TVPNM]--in Alabama, it would be grounds for matrimony."

UPDATE: Here's what my mom says: "Wow, nobody better mess with you. Of course you get your skill from your mother. HAHA."

He's so funny! Maybe I should move to Alabama where the boys will be more impressed by my prowess with a gun and ability to hold my booze. I lived there twice before, once for a year (11th Grade), and once for Officer Training's, you know, very...uh...Southern.

I have been considering whether I might go back to Texas someday. All I know is that, barring a great job I can't walk away from, I can't stay here after school is done. I'll go nuts. (MORE nuts). I think this place gives me Seasonal Affective Disorder or something...during the winter when it rains all day every day and gets dark by 4pm I just feel terrible. I don't start to feel better until the spring when the sun comes back out. I loved New Mexico, but the economy is so awful there that I'm not sure I'd want to move back. Maybe Arizona. Or, I don't know, somewhere in the middle part.

Didn't Julia Roberts move to the midwest in that movie "Sleeping With The Enemy"? She moved to Iowa or Kansas or something. And she met a hot, compassionate drama teacher from the local college who cooked, was romantic, and sang "Bennie and the Jets" while watering his lawn. And let her dress up in clothes so she could feel special. Does everyone who moves to the middle part get that kind of treatment?

Hmmmm...I'm going to be putting more thought into this as the summer goes by and I have to start (*gulp*) thinking about actually getting a job at some point. I love moving. I love the act of starting over. But, by the same token, I would love to find a place I could *finally* put down some roots and start a family and make long-term friends. I don't know.


Someone was mean to M. yesterday and made her all upset. I think we should all send mean thoughts towards him and see if we can't affect his karmic balance somehow.
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