Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The sound of my soul dying.

Hey Ya'll,

Look...me and my hubby (here's a pic taken moments before I concept-ed) are spectin' a little 'un. Ain't he furtil? Damn ya'll...I'm so happy I could bust. I'm gonna be the best mama ever to this youngin'. And Kevin is gonna be an AWESOME daddy...just like he is to the baby his girlfriend was preggers with when I stole him away with my money body love.

B :)

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YAY! Whorebag Federline-Spears is going to give birth. OH GOODY! Thank God she's breeding...I was so scared that they weren't going to pass on their low-rise genes. I can't think of two people better suited to produce offspring...little, tiny, chain-smoking, trucker hat wearing, cheeto eating, red bull drinking, white trash babies.

I hope she's been saving that Camel Cash...babies are expensive and Kevin isn't going to be making the big bucks forever.
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