Friday, April 15, 2005

It's my BIRTHDAY. Well, not mine...but Favorable Dicta's.

It's April 15th, and you know what that means.

NO, not Tax Day...the one year birthday of the little blog that could, Will Work for Favorable Dicta.

So, here's my ruminations on one year of blogging.

I started this blog because my friends were totally annoyed at how many emails I was sending them full of stupid newspaper stories and stuff, and I read blogs all the time, and so they kept telling me "GOD, you're so annoying, start a blog already and quit emailing us!!" (This is the crappiest paragraph ever, I apologize).

I thought about it for months, but was stymied by the lack of a good name. Then, one fateful day, I was sitting in Property when the professor told us that we should be defiant about our grades, and that after law school he didn't win a case for seven years and he "only worked for the favorable dicta." And *literally* I IM'd like five of my friends and went "I have a name...A GREAT ONE!" That was the day WWFFD was born.

My very first post was an open letter to a professor who was torturing us with a casebook still in draft form. And then I pretty much went downhill from there.

And so, here's what I think about blogging after one year.

I've gotten a chance to interact with people whose blogs I was totally addicted to before I ever started this one. SMP? , BTQ, Soup, Larry, NDC, Wayne, Beanie, AmbImb, and L^3 are all people* whose blogs inspired me to start this one (or sometimes to keep writing, or sometimes to feel bad about how much funnier they all are than me). Larry was the first one to link to me (I think)...I seriously thought I had won the lottery. Instead of my usual 6 readers a day, I got like 25 or something and I was like "HELL YEAH I'M FAMOUS (by association)!"

The one reason I keep blogging even though sometimes I feel bad about how much I bitch about school, or how sadly unfunny I am, or how unfair it is that for about six months all my Google ads were for alcohol rehab, is the comments and emails. I heart comments. I know some people don't dig them so much, but honest to God, they are my favorite part. NOTHING makes me happier than to see comments or emails and know that people actually read past the first sentence, or just wanted to say Hi, or read a story about a guy blowing himself up by trying to light his grill with gasoline and TOTALLY thought of me!

Where will I be in a year? Who the hell knows. Hopefully thinking about graduation. Maybe finding my dream job in the Promised Land...where the beer flows like,, and the Cabana Boys grow on trees. Or something. You know what I mean.

Even though I didn't win an award or anything (God knows)...I feel compelled to say "Thanks" to all the wonderful people who have stopped by and read WWFFD and/or have linked to me from their own fabulous blogs. I really appreciate everyone who has commented, emailed me to commisserate about law school, congratulated me on my victories, taken time out of their busy lives to give me advice, tell me about opportunities, or just tell me to keep my chin up. So, thanks!

*This is not an all inclusive list, there is NO WAY I could name every person whose blog I poured over during the summer before law school, or whose blog I read and thought to myself "this is so awesome, I should start one of these too." Suffice it to say that the blogroll to the right is full of blogs that are really, really great and that I read all the time, and they all deserve a hearty "Thanks."
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