Saturday, April 30, 2005


I hate having to get up and go to school on a nice Saturday morning in order to try to get at least semi-caught up for the PAST week...not even talking about the next week. But nonetheless, that's where I'll be spending my Saturday.

Yesterday I went and saw The Interpreter. It was good...but definitely not great. There were parts that were very suspenseful, but I wouldn't say it was action packed by any stretch of the imagination. Also, throughout the movie Nicole Kidman had the same hairstyle as Lilly from Cold Case, which looks stupid on both of them.

Also, I saw the "new" Doublemint twins on an advertisement on't they supposed to be identical twins? Those two girls look nothing like each other.

I'm still working on the E! True Hollywood Story of my ex. I wrote something and then thought it was stupid so erased it, and now I guess I have to start over. I would just put up the links to some of the news stories, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to go there.

Lastly, did anyone see that clip from The Amazing Race where the woman tells her boyfriend that he's afraid of commitment? He was in the Army and a POW in Iraq and she used that as an example of him dodging his commitment to the Army...what a moron. My God. Anyway, luckily the clip is available at the website (takes a second to load in the upper righthand corner), it's only about 3 minutes long, but the part about him being a POW is probably 2 minutes into it, so you have to spend a couple of minutes listening to her incessant whining and wondering what in THE HELL this guy is thinking to even *consider* marrying her. Geez, a lifetime of that voice screeching at him about all his faults and failures...he's an idiot if he marries her.
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