Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Spies ©

It's that time again...damn those BTQ boys (and girl) for forcing me to do this every week. Seriously, the email they send is like "answer these questions or we'll hate you. FOREVER!" And, what can I say, I'm very sensitive, I can't have people hating me. So, in light of that, here we go.

This is the Karnak the Magnificent Edition of Friday Spies, where your author is provided with the ANSWERS and has to come up with the QUESTIONS.

1. Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, Lucille LeSueur.

What types of names would force me to come up with a new name should I ever to go Hollywood and try to make it big?

2. To get to the other side.

Why did the financial aid officer collude with the Department of Education to have the most ridiculous financial aid application process known to man?

3. Drugs. Massive quantities of drugs.

I don't want to sell anything, buy anything or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed... or buy anything sold or processed... or process anything sold, bought or processed... or repair anything sold, bought or processed, BUT, if I drop out of law school I would think about selling, buying and/or processing what?

4. Milbarge.

Who's the savior of the universe? Who'll save every one of us? Who's a miracle? Who's King of the Impossible? Who's a man with a man's courage? Who only has 14 hours left to save the earth?

5. Without question, the single most idiotic thing ever thought up by the human mind. (Note: The question "What is this week's set of answer-questions?" will NOT be accepted.)

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