Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Update on the UPDATE

We got soundly trounced again tonight. Of course, it was against the people who came in second place in the competition last year, so whatever.

It is MUCH, much, much!!! harder than I thought it would be to be the person who came in last out of all four people both nights. Apparently I am not persuasive...there are many reasons for this, part of which are due to me, and part of which are due to the format of the problem and the fact that I haven't taken CrimPro and had to argue two very complex Fourth Amendment questions having to do with a traffic stop. Also, the other three people have taken CrimPro and it showed.

Nonetheless, I am the team anchor. My partner tried to make me feel better, and I know I should have let her, but I really thought oral arguments would be the place I would shine since I totally sucked at the brief writing stage...but apparently I am just sort of mediocre -- which actually squares pretty well with the rest of my law school performance.

Hi, I'm E. Spat, Mistress of Mediocrity.
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