Saturday, April 09, 2005

Damn you Blogger.

Did I just spend nearly two hours writing a post about my very strange night at the bar last night? Yes I did.

Did Blogger eat it? Yes it did.

I guess this is God's way of saving you, my faithful readers, from ten paragraphs of rambling verbal incoherence about why the "Cool Kids" at law school make me feel so socially awkward and stupid.

See, I condensed the whole thing into one sentence.

Maybe I'll revisit the whole thing later, but now I have to get off the couch, which is, coincidentally, where I passed out slept last night. The PR midterm is on Tuesday, I have a written assignment due in Admin on Monday, and, as always, I'm behind! We should all pray my hangover has already reached its stunning highpoint, and is now receding back into just a simple headache and an inability to move about in a coordinated fashion.
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