Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Boozing for Broads

Larry over at Lonestar Expat tried to help me out the other day after my gloriously long-lived and deeply felt hangover. Now, some Russian scientist is giving a class on boozing for broads. The best tip: Never drink on an empty stomach. Make sure to fill the stomach up. The best way?
"An ounce of vodka taken as immunization, say, a couple of hours before a party can reduce the adverse effects of alcohol, which you expectedly will have to consume."

This is good too...
As a rule, those drinks that are regarded as appropriate for ladies, e.g. liqueurs, vermouths or alcoholic cocktails are presumably to be used in small quantities. Whenever this rule is violated, these beverages play havoc with the state of our health the next day and sometimes the very same day.

OOOOOHHHHH!!!! Well, I guess I just need to drink more appropriately ladylike drinks. And maybe not 15 at a time. Damn. If only I had known.
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