Monday, June 21, 2004

Hello British Friend!

Apparently my British Friend (who shall remain nameless unless he emails me and tells me it's OK to use his first name) is peeved that I have yet to mention him on my blog. So here we go. British Friend is very cute, loves beer (almost as much as me), and is the funniest person I've met in a long time. He thinks it's funny that I use the word "whore" perhaps 52 times a day and always is amazed that I can call my friends "whore" as a term of endearment and they don't seem to mind. Hmmmm...what else can I say about him...he also let me draw a semi-moronic picture onto his cell phone/blackberry/garage door opener/pocketknife/cookie cutter/cigarette holder/pez dispenser/fortune telling/all in one wireless device. It is truly can take the little pen and draw pictures and even color them in...and it makes phone calls too!! Also, my title on his cell phone is "Queen of the World"...HELL YEAH!

So, my British Friend...sorry for not posting about you sooner...I've just been busy moving. I went to a pub the other night and there was a million kinds of English beers and I wanted to call and ask you which one I should have but I didn't have your call me and tell me what kind of beer I should drink. I need guidance that only you can give!!
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