Monday, June 21, 2004

D.C. = Air Conditioning EVERYWHERE, Crowded Metro Trains, and HOT Boys!

Today was my first day as an intern. It was pretty OK. They made me sign a bunch of forms that said I wouldn't talk about anything I'm up to (names and case details and whatnot anyway), but I wasn't going to do that anyway, so I think I'm safe. On an interesting note, I have seen more hot guys in one day here than I saw in an entire year in Thinly Veiled Pacific Northwest Metropolis. Yay for eyecandy! Anyway, I have to run (or perhaps Metro) my way to the library to get some books before I turn into a lunatic...but I know you'll all be happy to know that my sheets and pillows arrived today so tonight I am going to sleep the peaceful and contented sleep of a woman who has Diet Coke, Air Conditioning, and an abundance of pillows (at least temporarily until I get kicked out due to the incompetence of Financial Aid -- see post below). More to come later on first day at work...but gotta get to the library before it closes.
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